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Thanks to the overwhelming support of our supporters on Patreon, Time Team has returned! Our latest episodes – including a Knights Hospitaller preceptory, a Roman villa and an Anglo-Saxon cemetery  are AVAILABLE NOW on the Time Team Official YouTube channel. Right here, you’ll find all the latest Time Team news and a whole host of classic content from since Time Team started unearthing the past in 1994. You can also visit our shop for a range of official merchandise, from books to t-shirts.

First airing on Channel 4 in 1994, Time Team became one of the UK’s most beloved and long-running TV shows. The ground-breaking history series presented by Tony Robinson helped to popularise the field of archaeology and has since been watched in over 50 countries worldwide!

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  • New Time Team Special premieres this weekend

    "Digging the Band of Brothers", a feature-length documentary starring Sir Tony Robinson, commemorates 80 years since the legendary Easy Company were stationed in Aldbourne, Wiltshire, ahead of D-Day. … more

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