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Introducing new book: Dig Village – the ultimate hands-on guide to discovering the local history and archaeology of your community. 

"For inspiring a new interest in archaeology, it's as good as they get" – British Archaeology

A treasure trove of information... a comprehensive how-to guide for learning more about the place where you live” – Current Archaeology

“Dig Village paints an exciting picture of history at a local level” – Nicholas Johnson MBE

“A really practical and informative guide to help anyone explore the origins of their own village” – Professor Stewart Ainsworth

Time Team’s creator and series producer Tim Taylor is on a mission to get people interested in the history and archaeology of their local villages and small towns. This new book focusses on community projects that could kickstart a lifetime’s interest in the past.

Tim Taylor says: “Dig Village is a guide for all of us who want to unlock the secrets of what lies beneath a typical village or small town. It’s often amazing how much is just unknown about places that seem so familiar! Even a seemingly unremarkable or relatively modern village or town might in fact be hiding a wealth of fascinating heritage underneath its exterior. How old are the buildings? Will there be Roman pottery under the allotments? Was there an Anglo-Saxon church?” 

Dig Village draws upon the unique insights of 25 years of Time Team and ten years’ intensive research. Tim has used this experience to create a unique framework of 66 categories to help communities discover more about the heritage on their own doorstep. The result is an accessible ‘how-to’ guide, grounded in real experience with typical communities. As Tim points out: “Everybody should be able to find a subject that will stimulate their interest and get them started on an amazing journey! From the background of prehistoric, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval settlement to the details of hedge and building dating, place name evidence and much more, there really is something for everyone.” 

Dig Village is a project with a local focus that will involve a minimal carbon footprint, little expenditure, and that promotes community cohesion. Tim says: “We were amazed how everybody began working together. The project involved the whole village, including local school children, who joined in enthusiastically in uncovering the past of their settlement. We’ve captured that experience in Dig Village. Sara Nunan’s design and hand-painted illustrations were integral in creating a beautiful book. We hope you agree!”

OUT NOW: Tim Taylor's brand new book, Time Team's Dig Village. Click here to order a signed copy now.

The Dig Village crew have been working with the good people of Dunster in Somerset for several years now, following many of the approaches covered in the book. The strategy has mainly been based on landscape analysis and test pits, with experts Rob Wilson-North, Stewart Ainsworth, Dani Wootton and Paul Blinkhorn. Check some videos from the Dunster Dig Weekend below


The Dig Village team also spoke to the late Prof Mick Aston for guidance. See Dani Wootton speaking with Mick about Dunster Priory. 

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Dig Village Q&A with Tim Taylor


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