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Are you planning to kickstart your own local history project? Dig Village needs you!

If you’ve bought a copy of Dig Village, or perhaps received it for Christmas, then firstly – thank you for your support. Hopefully you’ve found much food for thought within its pages. But what happens now? You could put the book on the shelf to gather dust or perhaps use it to prop up a wobbly table. However, we hope it will remain your trusty companion as you begin actively researching the history of your own community.

Many of us make well-intended new year’s resolutions to get outside more regularly and explore the Great Outdoors. With January soon to be a distant memory, what better way to kickstart this goal than with your Dig Village hat on? Take another stroll down the streets you know so well, and start to read its history with a fresh perspective.

As we note in the book, the launch of Dig Village could well be the start of a long and fruitful journey of discovery – one that helps to bring together your local community! What’s more, we hope to build a wider online community across Britain and beyond of likeminded people who share their discoveries and ideas with each other. Of course, these aims can only be achieved with your help.

While the book's various categories highlight some common themes, the real beauty of local history is the wonderful regional variation, from building styles and features in the landscape to industry and traditions. This is where you come in!

Whether you are already deep into a research project or are just beginning your journey, using Dig Village as a guide, we would to love to hear from you. If you are interested in sharing your discoveries and becoming a ‘featured village’ (or town), please let us know.

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